Tolland County

CarriesCrossesLocationDesignStatusYear BuiltYear ReconSpan LengthTotal LengthSRSD/FOID
NBI reportROUTE 275WILLIMANTIC RIVER1.7 MILES EAST OF RTE 31Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple (2 spans)------69.9143.47.0SD02866
NBI reportWINDSOR AVENUEHOCKANUM RIVER400 FT FROM JCT ROUTE 74Concrete Slab----195520.023.084.0--04574
NBI reportBAKER HILL ROADTEN MILE RIVER1320' FROM CARDS MILLConcrete Slab----195520.023.080.6--04620
NBI reportSOUTH STREETHOP RIVER450FT FR JCT RTE 6Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder----197386.090.988.1--04626
NBI reportFOLLY LANESKUNGAMAUG RIVER400FT FR JCT NORTH RVPrestressed Slab----197334.138.168.4FO04632
NBI reportDEPOT ROADWILLIMANTIC RIVER.2 MI FROM JRT ROUTE 32Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple (3 spans)----199043.0138.178.0FO05989
NBI report
ROUTE 31MILL BROOK1 MI WEST OF MANSFIELD TLConcrete Arch - Deck (2 spans)NR possible1870--
NBI report
VILLAGE HILL ROADTEN MILE RIVER100 FT NORTH OF COOK HILLMasonry Arch - DeckNR possible1870200222.022.094.8--04619
NBI report
CENTER STREETMIDDLE RIVER130 FT FR JCT WEST STREETMasonry Arch - DeckNR possible1870193928.928.966.1FO04780
NBI report
MAPLE STREETSCANTIC RIVER0.2 MI SOUTH OF ROUTE 190Masonry Arch - Deck (2 spans)NR possible1880194022.053.281.2--04555
NBI report
MAIN STREETTANKERHOOSEN RIVER300 FT FR JCT ROUTE 83Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girderNR listed1885199567.968.948.2SD04575
NBI reportFLANDERS RIVER RDHOP RIVER300 FT NORTH OF RT 66Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1910197964.071.981.9--04464
NBI report
SPRING STREETMIDDLE RIVER100 FT FR JCT ROUTE 190Masonry Arch - DeckNR possible1912--40.045.977.1FO04779
NBI reportROUTE 32SO BRANCH ROARING BROOK0.2 MILE NORTH OF I-84Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1914--26.930.822.0SD02259
NBI report
FLANDERS ROADWILLIMANTIC RIVERAT MANSFIELD TOWN LINEWood Slab (2 spans)NR possible1914199537.176.178.7--04622
NBI reportROUTE 74SKUNGAMAUG RIVER1.8 MILES WEST OF I-84Concrete Slab--1916--24.029.951.8SD01120
NBI reportJUNIPER LANEMOUNT HOPE RIVER150' EAST OF ROUTE 89Prestressed Slab--1920198638.140.061.5FO05353
NBI reportROUTE 31SKUNGAMAUG RIVER1 MILE SOUTH OF ROUTE 44Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1923196933.138.174.3FO00921
NBI reportROUTE 190ROARING BROOK0.8 MILE WEST OF UNION TLConcrete Slab--1925--
NBI reportVERNON AVENUEHOCKANUM RIVER200' SO OF WEST MAIN STPrestressed Slab--1925200820.023.097.7--03934
NBI reportROUTE 83SCANTIC RIVER0.1 MI SOUTH OF MASS S.L.Concrete Tee beam--1927--28.934.180.7--01148
NBI reportROUTE 66FAWN BROOK1.13 M E HEBRON MARLBR TLConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1927197212.124.976.8--02022
NBI reportROUTE 83KIMBALLS BROOK0.2 MILE NORTH OF RTE 140Concrete Slab--1927201224.029.985.1--02529
NBI reportU.S. ROUTE 44SKUNGAMAUG RIVER1MI EAST OF RT 31 MAIN STConcrete Tee beam--1928--
NBI reportUS ROUTE 44FENTON RIVER.4 MI WEST WILLINGTON TLConcrete Tee beam--1929--29.934.174.4--00996
NBI reportROUTE 319FURNACE BROOK.3 MI WEST OF ROUTE 19Prestressed Slab (2 spans)--1929198626.955.177.7FO05378
NBI reportUS ROUTE 44WILLIMANTIC RIVERAT COVENTRY TOWN LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girderNR possible1930200089.996.195.1--01178
NBI reportROUTE 140BROAD BROOK1.75 MILES W OF RT. 286Prestressed Slab--1930199530.833.194.9--01362
NBI reportROUTE 30 & 83TANKERHOOSEN RIVER0.3 MI E OF MANCHESTER TLConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--193219819.832.273.3--05239
NBI reportROUTE 74FENTON RIVER1.3 MILE EAST OF RTE 320Prestressed Slab--1933199333.134.174.7FO00983
NBI reportLONG HILL ROADHOP RIVER550 FT FR JCT RTE 6Concrete Tee beam--1934--
NBI reportROUTE 140MIDDLE RIVER.2 MI W OF RT 32 & RT 190Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1935198869.973.280.7--01363
NBI reportTIMES FARM ROADHOP RIVER.29 MI EAST OF US ROUTE 6Concrete Tee beam--1935198724.026.943.0SD04581
NBI reportHYDEVILLE ROADFURNACE BROOK300 FT FR JCT ROUTE 19Concrete Slab (2 spans)--1935--8.924.068.1--04776
NBI reportROUTE 190MIDDLE RIVER2 MI EAST OF ROUTE 30Concrete Slab--1936--25.927.975.2FO01520
NBI reportROUTE 195SKUNGAMAUG RIVER700' SOUTH OF I-84Concrete Slab--1936197920.023.083.0--01530
NBI report
ROUTE 66WILLIMANTIC RIVERCOLUMBIA WINDHAM TOWN LNESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1937198769.9206.088.5--00487
NBI reportROUTE 74HOCKANUM RIVER.5 MILE EAST OF ROUTE 31Concrete Slab--1938--25.928.979.6--01868
NBI reportROUTE 32ROARING BROOK0.3 MILES NORTH OF I-84Concrete Tee beam--1939--43.044.995.6--00937
NBI report
ROUTE 74WILLIMANTIC RIVERAT TOLLAND TOWN LINESteel Truss - ThruNR possible1939--89.997.156.8SD00982
NBI reportKIBBE GROVE ROADSCANTIC RIVER0.25 MI WEST OF ROUTE 83Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1939198756.160.071.5--04439
NBI reportI-84 & I-84RAMP291MASHAPAUG POND0.2 MILE EAST OF RTE 171Concrete Slab--1940197524.032.284.0--00851
NBI reportROUTE 207RAYMOND BROOK0.2 MI EAST OF JCT RTE 85Concrete Tee beam--1940199229.932.277.3--01544
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84ROUTE 32 RIVER ROADAT EXIT 70Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--19401978106.0119.195.0--04296
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84ROARING BROOK1.3 MILE EAST OF ROUTE 32Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1940197914.144.070.0--04308
NBI reportBROAD BROOK ROADBROAD BROOK0.2 MI FROM JCT RTE 140Steel Arch - Deck (2 spans)--1940--
NBI reportCOOPER LANEEDSON BROOK1000 FT SO. OF RTE. 190Concrete Slab (2 spans)--1940--
NBI reportDALEVILLE SCHL RDFENTON RIVERAT JCT OF DALEVILLE ROADPrestressed Slab--1940198521.025.967.1FO05345
NBI reportSTRAWBERRY ROADABBEY BROOK0.3 MILE WEST OF ROUTE 83Steel Culvert (3 spans)--1940--5.922.072.2SD06141
NBI reportROUTE 207MINT BROOK.23MI E OF JCT RTE 85Concrete Slab--1945198824.025.966.8--01545
NBI reportROUTE 31WILLIMANTIC RIVERAT THE COVENTRY TOWN LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1947--127.0131.976.4FO00922
NBI reportROUTE 31NEW ENGLAND CENTRAL RR0.1 MI S OF COVENTRY T.L.Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1947198779.188.973.3FO00923
NBI report
KING ROADSCANTIC RIVER.4MI WEST OF ROUTE 83 JCTSteel Arch - Deck (2 spans)--1949--20.044.971.0--04553
NBI reportROUTE 190EDSON BROOK450' EAST OF ROUTE 30Concrete Slab--1950--25.928.987.9--01519
NBI reportPLEASANTVIEW DRIVEHOCKANUM RIVER900 FT WEST OF ROUTE 83Steel Culvert (4 spans)--1950--5.928.965.1SD04576
NBI reportATWOODVILLE ROADMOUNT HOPE RIVER.3 MI EAST OF ROUTE 89Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1950--54.1141.152.3--04729
NBI reportCHAFFEEVILLE ROADFENTON RIVER440' SOUTH OF MULBERRY STConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1950--14.128.998.9--04733
NBI reportSOUTH RIVER RD #2WILLIMANTIC RIVER0.5 MI EAST OF RT 195Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1950199259.1123.081.2--04802
NBI reportPOLSTER ROADROARING BROOK3/4 MI NO OF MIHALIAK RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1950201426.627.673.9FO04808
NBI reportBASSETTS BRIDGE RDNAUBESATUCK LAKE1.5 MI EAST OF RTE 195Steel Culvert (2 spans)--1950--
NBI report
US ROUTE 6ABANDONED RAILROADBOLTON NOTCHConcrete Arch - Deck--1951--111.9111.965.2FO00484
NBI reportNOTCH ROADDEP TRAIL ABANDONED RR25' SOUTH OF RTE 6 & 44Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1951199758.163.065.0SD04137
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 WBUS ROUTE 44 EASTBOUND1/4 M E OF INTERSTATE 384Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1952--46.9124.083.0--00485
NBI reportROUTE 74INTERSTATE 841.5 MI W OF WILLINGTON TLSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--19522013105.6220.294.1--00840
NBI reportROUTE 19FURNACE BROOK1.6 MI NORTH OF ROUTE 319Concrete Tee beam--1952--
NBI reportROUTE 32MIDDLE RIVER250 FT SOUTH OF ROUTE 190Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1952199245.950.995.2--00940
NBI reportROUTE 89FENTON RIVER.97 MI NORTH OF RTE 195Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1953--12.124.994.7--01253
NBI reportSR 620MASHAPAUG POND1500' NORTH OF ROUTE 171Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1953--25.356.195.9--01861
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84WILLIMANTIC RIVER0.1 MILE EAST TOLLAND TLSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1953197880.1168.077.7--04283
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84NEW ENGLAND CENTRAL RR0.74 MI FROM TOLLAND TLPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--19531979105.0124.086.5FO04284
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84CIDER MILL ROAD0.5 MILE WEST OF EXIT 68Concrete Tee beam--1954197735.137.179.0FO00837
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84SKUNGAMAUG RIVER0.25 MI EAST OF ROUTE 195Prestressed Slab--1954200723.024.992.4--00839
NBI reportROUTE 171INTERSTATE-840.5 MI FR MASS STATE LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1954198680.1166.083.1--00850
NBI reportROUTE 32WILLIMANTIC RIVERON WILLINGTON TOWN LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1954198984.0177.294.4--00938
NBI reportROUTE 32NEW ENGLAND CENTRAL RR2.5 MILES NORTH OF I-84Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1954198547.959.186.5FO00939
NBI reportROUTE 171HAMILTON RESERVOIR BROOK.3 MILE WEST OF I-84Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1954--
NBI reportROUTE 190INTERSTATE-841.2 MILES EAST OF RTE. 89Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--19552014104.0214.988.7--00849
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84ROARING BROOK1.8 MILE EAST OF ROUTE 32Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1955197859.165.091.0--04285
NBI reportHOP RIVER ROADHOP RIVER.3 MI NORTH OF RTE 6Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1955198948.9110.965.9FO04446
NBI reportROUTE 74HOCKANUM RIVER.5 MI WEST OF ROUTE 83Steel Culvert (2 spans)--1955--14.130.823.3SD05588
NBI reportROUTE 195INTERSTATE 84AT INTERSTATE 84 EXIT 68Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1956200098.1201.191.1--00838
NBI reportFOUR BRIDGES ROADSCANTIC RIVER0.6 MILE WEST OF ROUTE 83Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1956--42.046.995.6--04552
NBI reportBRIGHAM ROADWILLIMANTIC RIVERAT MANSFIELD TOWN LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1956--83.087.996.0--04630
NBI reportMERROW ROADWILLIMANTIC RIVER750 FT FROM JCT ROUTE 32Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1956--87.994.285.9--04631
NBI reportOLD COLCHESTER RDRAYMOND BROOK1.6 MI SOUTH OF RT 85Steel Culvert (2 spans)--1956--12.126.978.8--04695
NBI reportWEST STREETMIDDLE RIVER0.2 MILE SOUTH OF RTE 190Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1956--65.069.976.7FO04781
NBI reportROUTE 19FURNACE BROOK3.3 MI NORTH OF ROUTE 190Prestressed Slab--1957--45.950.995.8--00871
NBI reportROUTE 83GULF STREAM.12 MI SOUTH OF ROUTE 190Prestressed Slab--1957--
NBI reportROUTE 83AVERY BROOK1.3 MI NORTH OF ROUTE 190Prestressed Slab--1957199938.141.098.3--01146
NBI reportROUTE 83THRESHER BROOK0.2 MILE NORTH OF SR 528Prestressed Slab--1957199925.929.999.6--01147
NBI reportPINNEY SCHOOL ROADFURNACE BROOK650 FT WEST OF ROUTE 19Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1957--60.067.981.5--04777
NBI reportROUTE 89INTERSTATE 840.57 MI SOUTH OF RTE 190Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1958--92.9196.991.0FO00848
NBI reportSTONE HOUSE ROADROARING BROOK400 FT EAST OF FENTON RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1958200212.122.038.7SD04438
NBI reportLOHSE ROADROARING BROOK0.1 MILE SOUTH OF RTE 320Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1958--14.128.999.6--06578
NBI reportROUTE 195WILLIMANTIC RIVER.7 MI NORTH JCT ROUTE 32Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1959199374.2151.987.6--01531
NBI reportROUTE 195NEW ENGLAND CENTRAL RR0.1 MILE NORTH OF RTE. 32Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1959199330.896.186.3FO01532
NBI reportPOTTER SCHOOL ROADINTERSTATE 84.76 MI W OF ASHFORD TL.Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1960--89.9181.161.0SD00847
NBI reportBUNKER HILL ROADHOP RIVER600 FT EAST OF RTE 6Steel Culvert (3 spans)--1960198817.157.196.1--04583
NBI reportSOUTH ROADROARING BROOK1.3 MILES NORTH OF RT 190Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1960199120.022.047.4--04783
NBI reportBROWNS BRIDGE ROADCHARTER BROOK100' S O/SHENIPST LAKE RDSteel Culvert (2 spans)--1960--9.823.093.6--04803
NBI reportCOLBURN ROADFURNACE BROOK100 FT FR JCT ROUTE 19Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1961--42.046.977.9FO04774
NBI reportROUTE 190FURNACE BROOK0.25 MILE WEST OF RTE 19Prestressed Slab--1963--
NBI reportROUTE 190SCANTIC RIVER0.5 MILE EAST OF RTE. 186Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1968--
NBI reportROUTE 85INTERSTATE-3840.5 MI SOUTH OF ROUTE 44Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1968--104.0257.995.4--03598
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 & 44 EBINTERSTATE 3840.5 MI WEST JCT ROUTE 44Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--19681993134.8259.992.3FO03599
NBI reportOLD TURNPIKE ROADFENTON BROOK0.2 MILE WEST OF U.S. 44Prestressed Slab--1970--27.929.994.8--04732
NBI reportBRIDGE STREETBROAD BROOK0.1 MI FROM JCT CINDY RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1970--9.832.291.1--05609
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 WBHOP RIVER0.5 MI EAST OF RT 6&66Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1971--82.0168.096.8--02517
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 EBHOP RIVER1400' EAST OF RTE 66Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1971--104.0209.095.2--02518
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 WBABANDONED RAILROAD.25 MI E OF JCT W RTE 66Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1971--87.996.195.0--02519
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 EBABANDONED RAILROAD0.1 MI E OF COLUMBIA T.L.Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1971--104.0112.995.7--02520
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 WBFLANDERS RIVER ROAD0.3 MI WEST OF WINDHAM TLPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1971--90.9100.197.2--02553
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 EBFLANDERS RIVER ROAD0.3 MI WEST OF WINDHAM TLPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1971--90.9100.197.2--02554
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 WBWILLIMANTIC RIVER1.5 MILE EAST OF ROUTE 66Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1971--109.9225.195.8--02561
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 EBWILLIMANTIC RIVER1.1 MI EAST OF JCT.6 & 66Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1971--109.9225.195.6--02562
NBI reportMANSFIELD AVENUEUS ROUTE 6 WESTBOUND.4 E MANSFIELD WINDHAM TLSteel Box Beam or girders - Single or Spread--1971--134.8140.197.6--02580
NBI reportMANSFIELD AVENUEU.S. ROUTE 6 EASTBOUND.4 E MANSFIELD WINDHAM TLSteel Box Beam or girders - Single or Spread--1971--134.8140.197.6--02581
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 EBMANSFIELD CITY ROAD1.29 MI E OF WINDHAM T LPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1972--105.0109.991.2--02522
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 WBMANSFIELD CITY ROAD1.28 MI E OF WINDHAM T LPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1972--105.0109.993.6--02526
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 WBNATCHAUG RIVER0.1 MI EAST OF WINDHAM TLSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1972--120.1305.198.0--02563
NBI reportSR 632SAWMILL BROOK0.1 MILE WEST OF RTE. 195Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1973--12.124.9100.0--02528
NBI reportUS 6 & RAMP,SR 633SAWMILL BROOK0.1 MI WEST OF ROUTE 195Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1973--12.124.985.0--02532
NBI reportROUTE 195SAW MILL BROOK400' NORTH OF WINDHAM TLConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1973--13.127.981.2--02551
NBI reportROUTE 195US ROUTE 60.2 MI NO. OF WINDHAM TLSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1973--140.1274.977.5--02559
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6 EBNATCHAUG RIVER0.2 MI WEST OF WINDHAM TLSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1973--120.1305.196.0--02568
NBI reportDURKEE ROADSCANTIC RIVER1260 FT FR JCT ROUTE 83Steel Culvert (2 spans)--1973--
NBI reportBREWSTER STREETASH BROOK1.1 MILE SOUTH OF U.S. 44Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1973--12.126.997.1--04625
NBI reportSOUTH RIVER ROADSKUNGAMAUG RIVER300FT FR JCT CASE RDPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1973--65.967.995.1--04629
NBI reportROUTE 83OGDEN BROOK1.3 MILES SOUTH OF RTE 74Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1974--8.922.066.0FO06641
NBI reportWHISPERING PINES RSTREAM0.1 MILE N OF STONY LANESteel Culvert (3 spans)--1975--5.920.082.6--06198
NBI reportLEONARD ROADFURNACE BROOK130 FT FROM JCT ROUTE 19Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1976--65.071.965.8FO04778
NBI reportSR 533 (TUNNEL RD)INTERSTATE-840.3 MILE SOUTH OF RTE 30Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1978--134.8275.997.5--04273
NBI reportSR 541-BOLTON ROADINTERSTATE-840.3 MILE SOUTH OF RTE. 30Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1978--134.8275.996.3--04274
NBI reportBAMFORTH ROADINTERSTATE-840.4 MILE SOUTH OF RTE 30Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1978--123.0244.183.4--04275
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84 WBROUTE 31AT EXIT 67Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1978--154.9161.196.0--04276
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84 EBROUTE 31AT EXIT 67Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1978--154.9158.192.7--04277
NBI reportI-84 RAMP 266SKUNGAMAUG RIVERI-84 EB EXIT 68 OFF RAMPConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1978--12.124.996.5--04278
NBI reportI-84 RAMP 266SKUNGAMAUG RIVER50' WEST OF ROUTE 195Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1978--
NBI reportROUTE 320(RUBY RD)INTERSTATE-84INTERSTATE-84 EXIT NO. 71Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1978--134.8269.084.4--04286
NBI reportOLD CATHOLE ROADINTERSTATE 840.6 MILE SOUTH OF RTE 74Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1978--142.1273.096.9--04287
NBI reportMOUNTAIN SPRING RDINTERSTATE-841.24 MI E OF I84 JCT RT31Steel Box Beam or girders - Single or Spread (2 spans)--1979--240.2448.296.9--04280
NBI reportGRAYVILLE ROAD 1RAYMOND BROOKAPPR .5 MI W OLD COLCHSTRConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1979--9.821.096.1--04696
NBI reportGURLEYVILLE ROADSTREAM.7 MILE EAST OF ROUTE 195Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1980--9.821.098.4--06202
NBI reportI-84 EB & RAMP 061HOCKANUM RIVER.25 MILE WEST OF EXIT 64Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1981--116.1122.197.0--05228
NBI reportDOBSON ROADINTERSTATE-84 & RAMP 016.56 MI EAST OF RT 30 & 83Steel Box Beam or girders - Single or Spread (2 spans)--1981--170.0328.195.7--05233
NBI reportI-84 EB OFF RAMPROUTE 30 (HARTFORD TPKE)EXIT 64Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1981--109.9115.293.3--05237
NBI reportKELLY ROADHOCKANUM RIVER0.3 MILES WEST OF RT.83Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1981--100.1106.079.8--05240
NBI reportI-84 WB & RAMPSHOCKANUM RIVER.1 MILE E OF S.WINDSOR TLPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1982--116.1122.189.6--05229
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84 EBROUTE 30 & 83 (OVERLAP)0.4 MI E OF MANCHESTER TLSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1982--170.0179.198.0--05230
NBI reportINTERSTATE-84 WBROUTE 30 & 83 (OVERLAP)0.6 MI WEST OF DOBSON RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1982--170.0179.197.0--05231
NBI reportI-84 RAMP #253INTERSTATE-84.63 MI E OF MANCHESTER TLSteel Box Beam or girders - Single or Spread (2 spans)--1982--210.0411.195.1--05232
NBI reportI-84 WB OFF RAMPI-84 WB RAMP FROM 30/83I-84 WB EXIT NO. 64Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1982--121.1127.095.8--05236
NBI reportROUTE 319MIDDLE RIVER0.7 MI EAST OF ROUTE 190Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1983--12.125.995.8--05264
NBI reportHENDEE ROADHOP RIVER.29 MI EAST OF US ROUTE 6Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1984--106.0110.998.5--05283
NBI reportDOBSON ROADDOBSONVILLE POND0.2 MILES SO. OF RTE. 30Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1986--71.975.195.2--05374
NBI reportJOBS HILL ROADBROAD BROOK0.5 MILE NORTH OF RTE 140Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1986--
NBI reportHATHEWAY ROADBROAD BROOK0.3 MILE NORTH OF RTE 140Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1986--
NBI reportWOODBRIDGE ROADSKUNGAMUNG RIVER0.25 MI S OF SOUTH RDPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1986--65.069.986.0--05502
NBI reportROUTE 85RAYMOND BROOK300 FT SOUTH OF ROUTE 207Prestressed Slab--1987--42.046.998.0--05582
NBI reportROUTE 140ABORN BROOK1 MI EAST OF RTE 30Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1988--9.822.097.6--05696
NBI reportROUTE 30CRYSTAL LAKE BROOK0.4 MI SOUTH OF ROUTE 190Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1988--
NBI reportBROOKLYN STREETHOCKANUM RIVER100 FT FR JCT ROUTE 74Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1988--29.934.197.4--05830
NBI reportSR 533 (TUNNEL RD)TANKERHOOSEN RIVER.5 MI S OF INTERSTATE-84Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1989--13.127.997.9--05711
NBI reportUS ROUTE 44BOLTON POND BROOK0.3 MI W OF COVENTRY TLConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1989--9.821.093.7--05771
NBI reportSR 527HOCKANUM RIVER0.1 MILE SOUTH OF RTE 74Concrete Tee beam--1990--
NBI reportMOOSE MEADOW ROADFENTON RIVER1.6 MILES NORTH OF RTE 74Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1990--9.833.199.0--06243
NBI reportHUNTING LODGE ROADCEDAR SWAMP BROOK.1 MI E OF HUNTING HT DRConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1990--9.822.082.9--06819
NBI reportKROL ROADELLIS BROOK200 FT SOUTH OF RT 190Wood Slab--1991--29.933.172.8FO06025
NBI reportROUTE 83 & 74HOCKANUM RIVER300' WEST OF WEST STREETConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1993--13.127.994.7--06294
NBI reportROUTE 31HOCKANUM RIVER50' SOUTH OF ROUTE 74Prestressed Slab--1995--
NBI reportDEPOT ROADMILL BROOK0.5 MILE FROM JCT RTE 32Concrete Frame--1996--
NBI report
MOUNT HOPE ROADMOUNT HOPE RIVER50 FT FROM JCT ROUTE 89Steel Truss - Thru--1998--69.974.280.1--04727
NBI reportPINE ROADCRYSTAL LAKE BROOK150 FT. EAST OF ROUTE 30Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1999--9.823.087.2--06575
NBI reportUS ROUTE 6BLACKMANS BROOK1.24 MI WEST COLUMBIA TLMetal Culvert (2 spans)--2000--12.127.969.2--06593
NBI reportLOWER BUTCHER ROADHOCKANUM RIVER0.6 MILE WEST OF ROUTE 83Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--2003--12.124.995.8--04504
NBI reportVILLAGE HILL ROADROARING BROOK0.4 MI EAST OF ROUTE 32Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2003--107.9118.196.8--04810
NBI reportBOLTON ROADTANKERHOOSEN RIVER25 FT S OF BAMFORTH ROADPrestressed Arch - Deck--2007--24.924.989.0--03933
NBI reportPARKER BRIDGE ROADHOP RIVER3500FT FR JCT BUNKER HILLPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2008--70.978.187.8--04624
NBI reportWINDERMERE AVENUEHOCKANUM RIVER500 FT FR JCT ROUTE 286Concrete Culvert (4 spans)--2009--
NBI reportSPRING STREETHOCKANUM RIVER75FT FR JCT WEST MAIN STPrestressed Arch - Deck (2 spans)--2010--29.964.087.7--04572
NBI reportRIVER STREETHOCKANUM RIVERAT JCT WEST MAIN STREETPrestressed Slab--2010--48.952.294.9--04577
NBI reportKECHKES ROADFENTON RIVER.1 MI W OF MOOSEMEADOW RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2010--
NBI report
ROUTE 74GRAPEVINE BROOK0.3 MILE WEST OF I-84Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2011--60.069.999.5--02477
NBI reportSTONEMILL ROAD #1FENTON RIVER.1MI SO OF CHAFFEEVLLE RDConcrete Frame (2 spans)--2012--
NBI reportLAUREL LANEMOUNT HOPE RIVER.1 MI EAST OF ROUTE 89Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2013--
NBI reportWEST MAIN STREETHOCKANUM RIVER500 FEET EAST OF SR 527Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2014--37.440.061.4SD04573
NBI report
PUCKER STREETHOP RIVER0.2 MILE NORTH OF ROUTE 6Steel Truss - Thru--2015--95.598.177.8FO04621