Loup County

CarriesCrossesLocationDesignStatusYear BuiltYear ReconSpan LengthTotal LengthSRSD/FOID
NBI reportN91STREAM7E TAYLORConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1950199412.138.181.5--S091 05170
NBI reportN91STREAM4E TAYLORConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1950199412.143.083.2--S091 04933
NBI reportN91STREAM1E TAYLORConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1950199412.125.979.3--S091 04598
NBI reportCOUNTY HIGHWAYCALAMUS RIVER5W 18.5N OF TAYLORWood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1955--
NBI reportCOUNTY HIGHWAYCALAMUS RIVER3.5W 15.5N OF TAYLORWood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1960--30.864.034.0SDC005801405P
NBI reportUS183STREAM21N TAYLORConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--196119999.821.075.5--S183 14474
NBI reportUS183NORTH LOUP RIVER0N TAYLORSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1963--89.991.982.5--S183 12438
NBI reportN91STREAM6W TAYLORConcrete Culvert (4 spans)--1964199412.149.977.0--S091 03900
NBI reportCOUNTY HIGHWAYNORTH LOUP RIVER7W 4N OF TAYLORWood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1965--30.894.239.8SDC005811705P
NBI reportCOUNTY HIGHWAYCALAMUS RIVER5W US183 ROCK CLWood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1965--23.046.939.9SDC005800205
NBI reportCOUNTY HIGHWAYCALAMUS RIVER7.5W 19.7N OF TAYLORSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1965201029.560.036.3--C005811705
NBI reportUS183CALAMUS RIVER12N TAYLORConcrete Slab (3 spans)--1966199824.062.081.2--S183 13617
NBI reportCOUNTY HIGHWAYCALAMUS RIVER2W 14.7N OF TAYLORWood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1970--
NBI reportN96CALAMUS RIVER11N 2.3E TAYLORPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1985-- 00272
NBI reportN91STREAM2E TAYLORConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1994-- 04731
NBI reportN91STREAM8E TAYLORConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1994-- 05322
NBI reportCOLL 7429NORTH LOUP RIVER.5S 4E OF TAYLORSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1999--71.9183.194.5--C005804110
NBI reportCOLL 7416NORTH LOUP RIVER10.5W 7N TAYLORPrestressed Tee beam (3 spans)--2005--47.9123.094.8--C005801105
NBI reportCOUNTY HIGHWAYNORTH LOUP RIVER13.7W 10N OF TAYLORSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--2012--